Be on the front-lines
 of muslim-christian peace making

How does your faith community respond to people of other faiths? With the fear in today’s society? How do you equip your faith community in today’s turbulent times? 

Is all of this a problem, or an incredible opportunity that God wants to use? Abraham Meulenberg, Jeff Burns and Maria Khani will show you that your faith community isn’t made for the sidelines. 

Your faith community is here for a time like this!

At the People-Of-Peace Conference, your people will experience first hand an exciting journey that hundreds of Muslims and Christians have already taken and is creating a grassroots peace-building movement that is true to your faith convictions and at the same time changes your community for the good. You’ll be given the option to take your faith community on a journey to see God work in ways you’ve never seen before.


Founder, People-Of-Peace

Abraham Meulenberg

Abraham Meulenberg trained 3,000 pastors across 30 nations, spanning 5 continents. He accomplished the smuggling of 50,000 Bibles, pioneered and pastored the first Purpose Driven church on the European mainland, helped translate the New Testament, served as global trainer for Saddleback Church (Rick Warren), and founded a Youth-Hostel in the Middle East that continues to this day. He’s founder and president of “People of Peace”, which aims to ignite peace and reconciliation movements between Muslims and Christians.

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This is what you'll learn:

  • Igniting the movement: How to lay the foundation for a rapid growing peace-builders movement, starting with your faith community. 


  • Closing the divide: How to foster deep and honest relationships between your people of faith and those of another faith, without making any compromises. 


  • Gaining Godly understanding: How 10 mayor misunderstandings between Muslims and Christians are causing today’s friction, and how to see them in light of Scripture.
  • Transforming the community: How Muslims and Christians can find common values and work together to transform society. 


  • Making hard things easy: How your faith community can easily play a significant role in peace-making between Muslims and Christians.


  • Laying a strong foundation: Learn the 5 building blocks to expand peace from your faith community to the world. 

Jeff Burns

Former Director of Coaching and East Coast Director for Peace Catalyst International (PCI), PCI Focuses on reconciliation and peacemaking in the way of Jesus, mostly focusing on Muslims and Christians. When Jeff was with PCI he developed sustainable peace programs between Muslims and Christians in Raleigh as well as Chicago. Jeff has been instrumental in developing programs and initiatives for PCI, and coaches other peacemakers. Although Jeff has primarily focused on peacemaking between Muslims and Christians in U.S. he has traveled around the world to help Muslims and Christians make peace and work for the common good together. Jeff also played a vital role in the process that resulted in the release of Mariam Ibrahim who was released from prison in Sudan in 2014.

Jeff also was a Senior Pastor for 18 years, Certified Life Coach including advanced leadership and success coaching certifications from the John Maxwell leadership team and the Jack Canfield Group . He was also the Founder and President of Peace On Earth Initiatives (PEI) with a focus on peacemaking and bridge building between Muslims and Christians. He led Jesus Dialogues in mosques, popular among both Muslims and Christians including the creation of an internship program. The work led to Communities of Reconciliation in which Muslims, Christians and Jews work together to build houses for the poor, plant community gardens and collaborate on other peace projects.

Christian-Muslim Consultant

(Location will be made known to registrants prior to conference)


Maria Khani

Popular Speaker, Educator & Muslim Chaplin

Maria is a member of the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council. She and her daughter  created a traveling exhibit called “ A Country Called Syria.” Maria is a popular speaker, Educator and Muslim Chaplin, she works diligently to create bridges between Muslims and other faiths. She is the key Muslim educator in the rapid growing peace movement ‘2 Faith, 1 Friendship’ of Southern California